We’ve Got No Strings On Us

With a looming Brexit deadline and airport passport checks getting tighter all the time, it’s easy to think the world is getting smaller and harder to access. But, with modern technology at our fingertips, reaching someone 5,000 miles away, is as easy as it gets.

That’s why we believe in working without borders. Gone are the days of agencies working solely with local clients who are a stone’s-throw away from their bricks-and-mortar office. We now live in an age where the world is our oyster, and having a diversified global client-base is here, and it’s here to stay.

We’re Remote and Proud

When we started Obelisk, we had 3 rules in-mind, with each one focused around education, accessibility, and quality-of-life. 

Our first rule was that we wanted to have a global client-base; to work with businesses from all over the world, so we could grow, learn, and understand other cultures and industries. You see, we’re people’s people, and we want to get to know everyone.

Our second rule was that we wanted to work remotely. With growing property and transport prices, as well as cheaper technology and faster broadband, working remotely is a no-brainer. These days, we’re as close to someone 1000 miles away, as we are to someone sat next to us. Thanks, video chat!

Our third rule was that we wanted to give everyone at Obelisk the freedom and convenience of working from wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted. If the work gets done, then we’re happy. Overlooking the caldera in Santorini? Sure. How about working from a jungle treehouse in Bali? Go for it. Work/Life balance is everything, and we want you to have it.

The Doubters…

Naturally, some people are still a little sceptical of remote working. I mean, unless you’ve had a video meeting through Zoom, a Wi-Fi call through Whatsapp, or an instant-messaging session through Slack, then I suppose you wouldn’t know how convenient, easy, and most importantly, how collaborative it is.

Give us 30 minutes, and I’m sure we can convince you that working together globally is the future of business.




Joshua Hurst


October 1, 2019