Tip #2. Website Strategy

1. Website Traffic

Without website traffic, anything you do on your website is pointless.

That’s where things like SEO and perhaps Paid Ads come in to play, driving relevant traffic to your website so that you can do your thing and provide value to those visitors.

2. Optimisation

When driving traffic to your website, it’s really important that your website is actually worth looking at, optimising your website isn’t just about how fast it is, it’s about the content and how it’s laid out too, people must be able to find what they want really quickly, or they’ll usually just leave your website.

3. Pipeline

Setting up an effective sales pipeline that integrates with your website and other digital sales pipelines is a must, using tools to get interested users to sign up to newsletter’s so you can start to market to them is an extremely valuable tactic.


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Jonathan Coates


February 29, 2020